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Transfer of Traditional & Non-Traditional Credits

We at Madison Hills University don't let your previous learning and real life experience go to a waste. Instead, we transform it into academic credits added to your program.

You can get your traditional (academic) and non-traditional (work experience, trainings, workshops, community services etc.) credits transferred to your current program to make it shorter and more affordable. Credits for all previously completed courses* will easily be transferred to your current program. If you're a working adult, your work experience can also be transformed into academic credits at MHU. Moreover, you can also earn credits for any trainings, apprenticeships, internships, community services, or workshops etc. that you've been a part of.

Traditional / Academic Credits

Credits that fall under this category are purely academic. If you have completed a course previously that's also a part of your current MHU program, you can get that specific course waived and enjoy a shorter and more affordable study. You can transfer credits for as many courses as you've previously taken and thus save big amounts in tuition while shortening the length of your program.

Non-traditional / Work Credits

Madsion Hills University allows you to transfer work credits as well as all other forms of your outside-the-classroom learning. Subject to course match, all your previous outside-the-classroom learning can easily be converted into course credits at MHU. This not only rewards your prior learning, but also makes your chosen Madsion Hills program shorter and more affordable.

What's accepted as non-traditional credits?

All kinds of substantial non-academic, outside-the-classroom learning can be accepted as non-traditional credits at MHU. It may include your work experience, apprenticeships, internships, participation in workshops, seminars, social services etc. For a complete list of non-traditional credits accepted at MHU.

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